Roger Huerta To Bellator?

Bellator Expected To Sign Roger Huerta

Bellator has called a meeting for tomorrow at 3PM eastern and the rumor is Roger Huerta has signed with the company. This would be a huge signing for them as their tournament is about to begin for the upcoming season. Huerta is listed as 155 lbs and could make the tournament a lot more interesting than it already is.

Last January Huerta issued a statement to the public saying he was taking a leave of absence from all MMA opportunities to fulfill his dream of acting. However Huerta had one fight left on his UFC contract so he returned to UFC: Fight Night 19.

If this big announcement is indeed Roger Huerta I can see big things not only for him but for the company as well. Huerta has an amazing resume with a 21-3-1 record. He is very quick inside the octagon and likes to end his fights with strikes.
Huerta would enter the 8 man tournament that Bellator announced earlier this year and the winner would face Champion Eddie Alvarez. But there are some lingering questions about Huerta.

His last fight was in September of 2009 and then he took his hiatus. Has Huerta been training while his movie career was developing? Has he stayed in shape in regards to MMA conditioning? If these questions are confirmed by him and or his trainers as being true then I don't see Huerta being the favorite going through the tournament.
However, if Huerta is not in MMA shape and needs a few weeks to get back into the gym I think Bellator would work with him in terms of scheduling. Huerta in my opinion is one of the best at lightweight in MMA and will make an immediate impact at Bellator. Bellator are making themselves better known with their exposure to the media world. This signing would mean another successful impact to the MMA scene.

If you are looking to watch the event tomorrow, below is the link to watch the press conference. I hope to have an interview this week with hopefully the rumored Roger Huerta. Keep up to date with all MMA information and interviews at my twitter site. That link is below as well. (2:00 PM Central Time) (Giveaways and other MMA Happenings)


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