Jens Pulver Not Just A Fighter

Lil Evil Still A Champ At Heart

Jens Pulver will be known as a legend in the world of MMA. His career was a focal point by many and he did not disappoint. Jens had a rough early childhood but he persevered and didn't back down.  He is looked at a true fighter of the sport and a mind that loves to be picked apart by others.

This past Saturday at WEC 47 Jens lost his fight to Javier Vazquez in the 1st round do to an Armbar submission.  However that loss doesn't reflect on what his career really is and was. Jens was an emotional fighter and never seemed to give up even when his back was against the wall. Jens faced adversity in his life and never let it get the best of him.

After his fight, Jens thanked the crowd and said "I do this for you guys and I'm sorry you had to watch that". Jens is the type of a guy who didn't think the money was the focal point but he did it for the love of the sport and nothing else. Jens is looked at as a friend by A LOT of MMA fighters and a mentor. Jens doesn't carry an ego and truly loves the sport for what it is.

Jens will be missed in the octagon and hopefully he sticks around in some capacity. Below is some interesting facts about Jens.

-    First UFC Light Heavyweight Champion
-    Avid PC Gamer
-    Nickname is "Lil Evil"
-    Has a movie coming out called "Driven" in where his life is told.
-    Has his own book recalling his life and history.
-    Only man to beat BJ Penn at lightweight.
-    22-13-1 MMA Record

Here are some links to contact Jens and stay up to date on his life and hopefully continued MMA career

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