UFC 110 Results

From the looks of the crowd at the Acer Arena it came out to a successful night. The total attendance was 17,831 and the total gate was 2.5 million. This was the first trip to Australia for the UFC and the card didn't disappoint.  Below are the results of the card and my predictions.

Mirko Filipovic Vs Anthony Perosh

Result: Mirko Filipovic with Strikes in Round 2.

My Pick: Mirko Filipovic.

Notes: Cro Crop looked really strong in this fight with really good take down defense. His ground game also looked really impressive. He really looked strong on the mat with his strikes and the one forearm strike he landed ultimately ended the contest.

Keith Jardine Vs Ryan Bader

Result: Ryan Bader KO in Round 3.

My Pick: Ryan Bader

Notes: Keith Jardine looked really good in the beginning of the fight but his hands dropped considerably as it moved on. Ryan Bader has really good strike ability and showed it with the quick left hand to end the fight. What's next for Jardine and after his 3rd loss in the row? Bader really impressed and showed why is he was the TUF 8 winner.

Joe Stevenson Vs George Sotiropoulos

Result: Sotiropoulos Unanimous Decision

My Pick: Joe Stevenson

Notes: I don't think anybody saw this coming with George really stepping his game up and putting on a show against Joe Stevenson. George looked really fluid in his strikes and Joe looked really tentative on what he wanted to do. It was an impressive win for George and he almost finished the match with an arm bar.

Wanderlei Silva Vs Michael Bisping

Result: Silva Unanimous Decision

My Pick: Wanderlei Silva

Notes: Another impressive match by these two fighters. Silva's strikes were really strong and fluid and rocked Bisping a few times. Bisping held out in the 2nd round against a guillotine attempt in the final seconds. However Silva at the end of the 2nd and 3rd rounds almost finished the fight and most likely gave him the nod from the judges.

Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira Vs Cain Velasquez

Result: Velasquez KO in Round 1.

My Pick: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Notes: This was my fight of the night right here even though the fight only lasted a little over 2 minutes. As Joe Rogan said his standup was spectacular and really had a nice flow to his punches and kicks. He landed a great combo on Nogueira and ended the fight. Cain stepped up against a really tough opponent and looks to be setting himself for a possible tile match down the road

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