Jose Canseco not an MMA Fighter

Jose Canseco what are you thinking? Yes he wrote 2 books (with a third
looking for a publisher) and revealed many players who used steroids in
baseball but MMA is not for you.
Recently Jose put out a tweet on his page about Herschel Walker and this is what it said.
guess I may have to show Herschel Walker who the real bad Boy of the
Sports industry is. If the powers that be are reading, I want in"

tweet was sent after Herschel Walker's debut in MMA defeating Greg Nagy
with a fury of punches. He is 47 and from the looks of it he is in
great shape. But why is Jose going after a man who is in great shape,
and has great trainers?

This video is from Jose Canseco's first match in MMA and it didn't end pretty for him.

This was a one-sided affair when he faced Hong Man Choi and didn't look
like he had any sense of what to do in the ring. Seems to me that he
looking to put himself back in the limelight and make some money. I
just don't see Jose putting up much of a fight against Herschel Walker
as Herschel has an excellent stand up and from that video Jose needs a
lot of work.

Just for fun here is how they would match up if they did fight in the octagon.

Herschel Walker

Height: 6 feet 1 inch
Weight: 220lbs
Age: 47

Style: Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do

Jose Canseco

Height: 6 feet 1 inch
Weight: 254lbs
Age: 45
Style: Unknown

Walker has said on the "Bob and Dan" show that he would hurt Jose
Canseco and this isn't a joking matter. He doesn't take MMA lightly and
would really give it to him.
My personal opinion is that Jose
is just trying to make a publicity stunt and doesn't know what he's
getting himself into. He just wants to make himself a nice payday and
if they do fight I don't think he comes out with a body part.

give it up finish your other book nobody will read and hopefully find a
nice paying job. Because MMA isn't it and if you do fight again I don't
think it will end well. 

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