Jason David Frank No Longer A Power Ranger

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Back in the day you knew him as the Green Ranger and White Ranger but now he is known as an MMA fighter. Jason David Frank is currently in MMA and made his debut on January 30th. I had a chance to do an interview with him and ask him a variety of questions including his next fight this Friday in Texas.

TG:  What made you get into a career of MMA, besides your karate did you have to learn any other skills to prepare for the octagon?

JDF: I have been working hard with Rocky Long and Stream Line Fitness Camp. I also have been working really hard on my standup game and defending takedowns. For me I need to relax more and just staying calm. I have been training 7 to 8 hours a day for my fight coming up and I give the utmost respect to any MMA fighter because your body takes a toll on training.

TG: Your first match was against Jonathan Mack, and you defeated him with omoplata submission. How did it feel entering the octagon for the very first time and what emotions were you feeling leading up to the fight?

JDF: I had a lot of pressure on myself for the fight and it was always something I wanted to do.  The only thing that I can say is that everything was a lot brighter when I stepped into the cage. The lights, the fans everything was a lot bright. It was an all eyes on you type of thing. After I slipped I refocused took him to the ground and tried to slip the arm-bar in but he rolled over and turned into omoplata.

TG: This Friday is your second fight and you're facing Chris Rose at Lonestar Breakdown. What did you have to focus on in order to make yourself ready or this bout?

JDF: Chris is a big guy and has a good ground game. Its tough having a 240lb guy lying on top of you and it takes a lot of energy to get off the mat. I have been working my cardio hard every day and I hope he is prepared to go all 3 rounds. I have been doing 20 minutes sparring sessions and really training differently on fighting a southpaw.

TG: You few weeks back on TMZ there was a mention of you challenging Jean Claude Van Damme to a fight. What is the story behind that and has he or his camp ever responded?

JDF: I'm the one to throw out challengers to every fighter I see or know. That's not me and I don't do it for the publicity. Like Jose Canseco challenging Herschel Walker, Herschel would kill Jose and I already fought Jose too. Check YouTube for that video too and I even offered to Jose to fight again. So I was thinking about when Van Damme came to my movie premiere and how he was arrogant to his fans and showed them no respect. He even said he wanted to fight. I wasn't doing it out of arrogance or to build an ego but I think it would be fun to fight him in an MMA fight or even a kick boxing match.

Yet nobody from his camp, his manager or even himself has issued a response to my challenge and I wish they would. It's out there around the world right now and I think it would be fun to fight him.

TG: Jason I have one more question for you and I gotta throw in a Power Rangers one. Do you still love the fact that people recognize you as the green ranger? And what do you think of the old episodes being rebroadcasted on ABC?

JDF: I'm very excited to see the episodes back on TV because it will help me grab more fans from that and hopefully turn them into MMA fans. One guy on my facebook account said that "Isn't it pathetic you are living off the power rangers still?" I don't live off the power rangers. I'm on an average guy who loves to fight and loves to train. Being in the spotlight doesn't affect me as a person because I care for my fans and I'm happy and proud to have fans. My little girl still thinks I'm a super hero and she really believes that and I love that. For her to see me as that person on TV again it's an awesome thing.

Jason David Frank was truly a class act in the interview and really has his sights set on becoming a very well trained MMA fighter. Jason was a pleasure to interview. Jason does have a fight this Friday, February 19th in Texas. Below are some links of Jason David Frank and I hope you check them out. I hope to have an interview with him down the road and see how his MMA career is progressing.

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  • I saw video of I believe his 2nd fight on Inside MMA. I totally remember Green Ranger too, cuz he was the boyfriend of Pink Ranger on the show(Amy Jo Johnson) and totally wanted to be her man back in the day.

    I think it'd be cool if Hip-Hop-Kido made it's way into the MMA cage.

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