Frank Trigg's Future Plans?

After UFC 109 Frank Trigg suffered a first round loss to Matt Serra in the 1st round. A few days later Frank Trigg was released from his contract by the UFC. Trigg was 0-2 with the previous loss to Josh Koscheck. So what does Trigg do now that is UFC contract was terminated? Here are some of my possible scenarios I think could develop in the next couple months for Frank "Twinkle Toes" Trigg.

Strike Force

Trigg can look going back into Strike Force as a possible fall back spot. But will the Strike Force Company bring him in? Strike Force is currently in conjunction with EA Sports in bringing out a new video game in the upcoming months. Trigg is one of the fighters in the new game and can use him to springboard sales of the game that is going up against UFC 2010 Undisputed.

But if they do look at bringing back Trigg what weight class will he enter into? Would he enter into the Welterweight Class where he was in the UFC or would he bump up to the Middleweight Class and take on the log jam of fighters.

As I look at Strike Force the first thing they think of is making money which all businesses want to do. I think Frank Trigg can make an impact in the Welterweight and take on an opponent like Nick Diaz or Duane Ludwig. Will Strike Force be calling in a few weeks to see what Trigg's plans are or do they stay distant and develop their own already on the roster? Time will tell.

TNA Wrestling

Before UFC resigned Trigg to a contact he was in TNA in many angles with AJ Styles and developed quite an in-ring presence on the entertainment side.  With the new regime as you can call it with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan entering the TNA scene would Frank Trigg be a good manager for a wrestler or would he take a "wrestler" status in the organization.  Frank Trigg has dealt with Dixie Carter before and could find a spot on the TNA roster if they so choose to contact him.

Announcer/Radio Host

Announcing seemed to be one of Trigg's passions before he focused truly on fighting.  He hosted a show on and also many guest appearances on other dedicated MMA streams online. He also sat in on many shows of "Inside MMA" with Jay Glazer. I think if Trigg wanted to retire to concentrate fully on announcing or being a color commentator he could flourish. He could be a fixture in the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) organization and play a big role in what Frank Mir currently is.  I think either way Trigg can really pass his knowledge of MMA to others that are new to the sport or who have been followers for years.

There is plenty of other things Frank Trigg can do such as become a Trainer for future Welterweights and really help others who need help with their wrestling and their ground overall. Frank can venture into that area and possibly open his own gym, to help further succeed in the MMA business outside of the cage. I don't see Frank Trigg outright retiring because he always has that drive to continue his success he has had in Pride and his first go around in UFC.

I hope to talk with Frank Trigg in a few months about his future plans if they haven't been finalized when I interview him. Frank is a smart person who will do what is best for his family and himself before anything else.

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  • "I think Frank Trigg can make an impact in the Welterweight and take on an opponent like Nick Diaz or Duane Ludwig."

    That's crazy talk. Frank Trigg is so done. Nick Diaz is a world-class mixed martial artist. Trigg will likely retire after 2 extremely embarrassing fights in the UFC.

  • In reply to MattLoCascio:


    He is probably leaning that way but who knows right?

  • In reply to MattLoCascio:

    As Trigg would say, "YOU KNOW!"

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