Frank Mir Out Of Line?

Current WEC commentator and UFC Fighter Frank Mir was caught up in some controversy over the last few days. Mir went onto a local Pittsburgh radio show and said this about Brock Lesnar.

""I want to fight Lesnar. I hate who he is as a person, I want to break his neck in the ring, I want him to be the first person that dies due to Octagon-related injuries."

This is the quote that has been focused on the last couple of days and really has gotten heat not only on Frank Mir but the UFC as a whole.  This is what he said;

"I like to think that just for the reason that I'm pretty candid when I speak about things. A lot of individuals are so worried about being politically correct and you know a lot of fighters you know we're all together I hear them, "Oh, don't say that because you know the fans won't like you!" I'm like you know what dude, I've realized a long time ago you're going to have fans who love you and fans that hate you and I'd rather go ahead and say what's on my mind than to sit there and come up with some PC you know "Oh you know the guy's a great fighter and I have a lot of respect of him!" And if I don't mean it, then why is it even coming out of my mouth because who's interested in hearing that? You see the same cookie cutter responses. "Oh, who do you want to fight next? Well, whoever the UFC deems me, I just want to fight anybody!" I'm like man, I've heard that a thousand times! I want to fight Lesnar. I hate who he is as a person, I want to break his neck in the ring, I want him to be the first person that dies due to Octagon-related injuries. That's what's going through my mind."

If you look at the entire quote you can see that Frank Mir is looking to hype the rubber match between himself and Brock Lesnar. To the casual fan however this can be a very alarming and fearful and make them not watch UFC or MMA for that matter because of Mir's words. However, the build up between these two over the last couple of years has been very anger ignited and doesn't look to stop anytime soon.

This isn't the first time however those kinds of statements threw up a red flag to fans and The UFC. At UFC 100 Brock Lesnar said this about Frank Mir in a statement to the Maxim Magazine.

"I'm gonna murder him, I count the days and the nights before I get to do that."

Now do a comparison between that quote and what Frank Mir said. In my opinion I don't see any difference between both of the quotes and that these fights get more and more heated as they get closer.  Today, from what I see as damage control from The UFC they issued a statement of apology along with Frank Mir.

""I was disappointed by Frank Mir's comments," said White. "Frank's been with the UFC a long time, he's a two-time heavyweight champion and a commentator for the WEC.  I think his emotions are running high right now, he has a big fight coming up next month and he's still upset about his loss to Lesnar.  He's been talked to, he regrets what he said, and he won't be saying anything like that again."

"I would like to apologize to Brock Lesnar, his family, the UFC and the UFC fans for my stupid remarks," said Mir. "I respect Brock, all the other fighters, and the sport of mixed martial arts.  I'm sorry that I stepped out of line."

Frank Mir has a big fight at UFC 111 and I think he is really focusing more on Brock Lesnar and underestimating the talent of Shane Carwin. The winner of that fight will go on to face Brock Lesnar during the summer (rumored to be in Boston). Either way I think the words are something that most fighters feel that is confidence for themselves against their opponent. I don't think Frank Mir was out of line but the timing of it was not the best.

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  • Mir who? I can't concentrate right now cuz of this:

    Frank needs to read that article and stop obsessing over Brockers.

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