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by Dawgelene Sangster- As the deadline approaches for the Get Covered Illinois sign-up (March 31, 2014), bloggers, influencers and top movers and shakers are spreading the word for Illinoisans…GET COVERED. Many of the “voices of influence,” especially in the African American community, came together recently at the Montgomery Club for breakfast and to listen, learn, and get excited about spreading the word regarding getting covered. A panel of experts was on hand to answer questions and provide information regarding coverage and the importance of getting educated about it.

Get Covered Panel

For me, the importance of knowing one has options, and what those options are in regards to coverage, choosing doctors and picking pricing is just smart. If you have adequate coverage and you are happy with it, this option may not be for you. However, at least know what your options are.

Do you know what your options are? Are you paying too much for insurance and need to consider a more economical option? Get educated about getting covered and don’t miss this March 31st deadline. Have questions? Go here to get them answered.


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