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Aunt Marion's pound cake is here. Even if she isn't.

Aunt Jo is always at my Thanksgiving table, with the best pumpkin pie. When my kids “ooh” and “aah” over the smooth gravy, I thank my Auntie Olwen for her secrets of Wondra flour, a quick whisk and just the right level of heat. Every Christmas, when I lift a spoon of my favorite “Pink... Read more »

Dealing with Rude Parents at Your Kids' Sporting Events

“Some parents are so rude.” That’s my daughter’s friend, telling me how a grownup moved her bag, coat and towel from the bleachers at the swim meet. “She pushed off my stuff, and stole my spot,” the nine-year-old says, looking at me, probably wondering how I’ll respond on the topic of another adult’s behavior. “That’s... Read more »

Winter driving tips for a-holes

That moment, when I saw the speeding car heading east start to turn, spin out of control and head directly toward me – directly, as in I could see the guy’s facial hair and “Oh, shit!” expression — I became a winter driving expert. Well, maybe not an expert, since I have a minivan with... Read more »

"Don't spit on the track." We need signs imploring common courtesy now?

It’s a sign of the times. The signs, I mean. We now need SIGNS to remind us of common courtesies, which must not be all that common anymore if they are no longer tacitly understood. My family and I were on vacation last summer in Massachusetts, when I noticed a printed sign tacked up on... Read more »

I paid good money for these seats. Down in front.

I don’t think I’m particularly bad at air piano. Or air guitar. I just don’t feel a need to stand up during a concert and show off my air instrument prowess and yell along with the lyrics while everyone else around me – including the entire row behind me and next to me – is... Read more »

It's church. You might not want to be so rude.

You don’t expect to come across rude people at a church service. I guess, from a pure seating arrangement, church isn’t that much different than, say, a movie theatre. That could explain why, at more church services than I can count, I have encountered the Pew Anchor. You know: The guy, woman or couple who... Read more »

Common Courtesy? Not Common on This Day

It’s been one of those days that a deficiency in common courtesy seems evident at every turn. Or at least several turns. I walk down the sidewalk on my way to get a morning coffee and encounter a group of ladies walking four astride. None of them moves over and I end up having to detour... Read more »

Everyone Gets One! Except When They Don't

Let me be clear: I’ve never ascribed to the belief that all kids should get trophies just for participating, in virtually every single sport they play from toddlerhood through high school. I think the “everyone wins” mantra, be it for youth sports or academics, is kind of silly and ultimately self-defeating, in teaching kids, wrongly,... Read more »