Seriously? You're going to cut into a funeral procession?

What if it was one of YOUR family members?

When most of us see a funeral procession on the roadway, we pull over or stay out of the way. You know, as is required by decency and maybe even by law, if I bother to look it up.

Key word: “most.”

So, I’m running errands the other day and spot a line of cars behind a hearse, lights on, fluorescent orange stickers in the corner of the windows. I wait at the side street, because I would never pull right into a moving funeral procession, no matter how late I am for something.

Out of nowhere, a bright blue car takes off from the side street across from me, barrels through a small gap between two cars in the procession, and turns onto the main road in the other direction.

It happens fast, but I manage to throw my hands up and mouth the words, “What the hell?” (Poor word choice in front of a funeral, I know) to the idiot, disrespectful driver as he catches my eye.

I’d honk at him, too, but I don’t want to upset those in the funeral procession. Because that would be RUDE.

So, have you EVER seen anyone a driver or pedestrian interrupt a funeral procession? If so, comment below.


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  • Where I live is Cemetery City. There are more dead people in this area than live. Not kidding!

    Last summer, I was heading north on a four lane road. I was in the left lane, and a funeral procession was heading east and turning north into the right lane of traffic.

    So far so good. My light changed to green and I proceeded north in the left lane, parallel to the procession. Well, one of the cars in the procession decided that I was somehow being disrespectful and pulled out of that right lane of traffic, caught up with me (this time I am ahead of the hearse by several car lengths) and starts flashing his lights and riding my bumper and honking his horn. He was having road rage.

    When it is a two lane road, you pull over and let the procession go past, but when there are multiple lanes and you are traveling parallel there is no law that I am aware of that says all traffic has to stop.

    If it did around here, especially on a Saturday, nobody would get anyplace. In rural areas, even those traveling in the opposite direction pull over, but it is not practical in the city to have all four lanes of traffic stop for a procession. And even if it were, the guy who took it on himself to chase after me and try to ram my back bumper was out of place.

    If he thought I was violating the law -- I wasn't-- he should have called the police. The contacted the funeral director, and he was most apologetic. I'm only sorry I didn't get the license of the hothead. I understand emotions, having buried everybody in my family, but the world does not stop because a loved one dies. Either does traffic on a busy city/suburban street.

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    Absolutely. I've seen the people cutting in and actually giving the procession the finger - I guess for taking too long.

    But I've also seen cars wait patiently in the left lane with their right turn signal on, waiting for the procession to pass so they can get in the right hand lane and then turn right.

  • I'm with you on this one, Miss Manners! Just this past Saturday, more than one car cut into my uncle's funeral procession. It makes me crazy! Not sure if the drivers were being rude, or clueless. I have also been HIT going through a red light in a funeral procession. Luckily no one in the car was hurt, but we actually missed the services at the cemetery because we had to call the police! You have to be careful because apparently, people can't mind their manners!

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    I wish you could have chased him and let him have it. That's UNBELIEVABLY RUDE. The ONLY reason acceptable is if he were going to the hospital for an emergency situation himself. Or if he had to go to the morgue to identify a dead body of his own.

  • Saw it happen on the corner of 1st Ave and Cermak on the Sat before Xmas. To top it off it was the guy in the left hand turn lane who turned left through the procession of cars clearly marked as a funeral. I wish slow and painful deaths to those who cut into funeral processions and people who refuse to pull over for emergency vehicles.

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    Yes, literally, right now. I googled cutting into a funeral procession and this was the first thing that came up.

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