It's the holidays. Isn't everyone so NICE? No?

In the past day alone, I've heard at least two people loudly and angrily chew out the barista at  my Starbucks because they didn't like, respectively, the "balance" of the flavor and the perceived amounts of shots put into the cup. I went to the mall yesterday, stupidly, where one driver actually sped up when he saw me trying to cross the street while clutching my small daughter's mittened hand, and three other drivers didn't thank me when I let them in while we were all snaking through the long line of cars to the exit stoplight.

What holiday cheer?

My sweet mom used to say that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. I have always adamantly subscribed to that belief and am appalled, on a daily basis, at how rude people can be, whether it’s on the road, in the grocery store, at work or at pretty much any public event. Often, it goes beyond rudeness, to potentially dangerous behavior.

I’ve decided to tweak Mom’s philosophy in light of our alarming decline in civility: if you’re going to say or do something not nice, I’m going to say something.  I don’t wanna be startin’ something, but I am going to acknowledge your god-awful behavior. Attention nice people: let’s unite and swap stories about how we’re calling those rude people on their actions.

Changing the world, one jerk at a time.

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