Butting In and Butting Back

“Get your ASS out of my food!”

It appears that the dude with the gnarly flame cap is talking to my 13-year old son. My kids and I were reading the restaurant’s menu board while in line to order and were jostled back by another large group in front of us, so yes, my son did kind of bump into a nearby table. He apologized, though, and immediately shifted his weight back.

But this retort  -- “Get your ASS out of my food!”?

I don’t wait a beat.

“Ex-CUSE me? Do you mind not saying something like that in front of my seven-year-old daughter? ” I snap.

My daughter decides this is a good moment to pipe up. “But I’m eight.”

(My sideways glance lets her know that if she really wants chicken fingers and fries, she shouldn’t push the age thing)

Flame-hat guy says nothing, keeps munching on his sandwich.

I give another “hmph”, accompanied by my signature dagger-eyed look that I reserve for people who just don’t seem to get how rude they are. I can't help myself, though and declare, “I cannot BELIEVE someone would say that to you, especially since it was an accident and YOU apologized to HIM for bumping his table.” For good measure, I add another "hmpf."

We order our food, find a table far away from the surly teen and I'm just about to pass the ketchup when he ambles over.

“I’m sorry I said that. I shouldn’t have.”

I am astounded by this but let him know right away that I appreciate his gesture. I don’t say it’s okay, but I do thank him for his apology. My son says thanks, too.

Sometimes it DOES pay to let a jerk know when he's being a jerk.

So, have you ever had anyone apologize after you called them on their crappy comments or behavior?

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