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Sharia in Action: Sisters Stepping Up for Children

In the Name of the Compassionate and Infinitely Merciful Precious Beloved This was also published on Beliefnet.  There has been so much hysteria, of late, around the issue of Sharia law and its supposed “threat” to the United States. Now that the general election contest is more in focus, the talk of Sharia will only... Read more »

Are Muslims Supposed to "Kill All the Infidels"? (Part II)

Last time, we discussed how the principle of fighting in Islam is in self-defense and cited the violent opposition on the part of the Meccan oligarchy to the message of the Prophet Muhammad (pubh). Now, let us discuss verse 9:5, the infamous “Verse of the Sword,” directly. Given the discussion in the previous article, we... Read more »

Are Muslims Supposed to "Kill All the Infidels"? (Part I)

Now that we understand that it is not proper to call all non-Muslims “infidels,” is it all moot? Does it all not matter because, as I have been told time and again, Islam calls for the murder of non-Muslims? I mean this perception is so pervasive and entrenched in the minds of many people. “Well,”... Read more »