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Are Muslims Supposed to "Kill All the Infidels"? (Part II)

Last time, we discussed how the principle of fighting in Islam is in self-defense and cited the violent opposition on the part of the Meccan oligarchy to the message of the Prophet Muhammad (pubh). Now, let us discuss verse 9:5, the infamous “Verse of the Sword,” directly. Given the discussion in the previous article, we... Read more »

Are Muslims Supposed to "Kill All the Infidels"? (Part I)

Now that we understand that it is not proper to call all non-Muslims “infidels,” is it all moot? Does it all not matter because, as I have been told time and again, Islam calls for the murder of non-Muslims? I mean this perception is so pervasive and entrenched in the minds of many people. “Well,”... Read more »

Who Are the "Infidels"?

The debate generated by my first post was very important, and I appreciated every comment made. One of the (many) misconceptions about Islam, brought out in some of the comments, is Islam’s attitude toward “non-believers.” Many people, including some Muslims, think that Islam demands that Muslims “hate” non-Muslims, or that Muslims should even “kill” non-Muslims.... Read more »