Tragedy Befalls Prominent Chicago Doctor

In the Name of God: the Infinitely Merciful and Compassionate Beloved Lord

The fog was still thick and heavy over the ground. The headlights of the sleek and shiny silver Bentley sedan could barely be seen as the thin two-lane road made them snake through the dense forest. The dew was dripping off of the tall, thick grass at the base of the forest, and the orange sunlight was just peeking over the horizon, making the thick fog shine more brightly white than before. The driver could barely be heard breathing as he drove, listening to the morning news on the radio. He was a distinguished, tall, and thin man. The few remaining black hairs on his head have joined the rest in a brilliant gray, with some white flecks in the mix. His face is also tall, with an almost square chin, high thin cheeks and broad forehead. Anyone who saw Dr. L. William Bryant  knew he was a man of importance, even without knowing who he actually was.


He walked up to the grave: a modest site, with a small rectangular slab of marble that read: "L. William Bryant. Born 1934. Died 2004." His Italian leather shoes were already soaked with the dew from the grass. As he stood over the slab, he said in a low voice, "Today, I am being named the Alfred J. Harrison Chair of Surgery. It's also my and Annie's 25th anniversary."


He quickly turned around to leave when he abruptly stopped and came back to the grave. He spit on the marble slab, turned back to his car, and drove off. He came every year, in fact, to his father's grave to spit on it, this despite its being 50 miles away from his home.

Read what happens next in my new book, Code Blue, available worldwide by Faithful Word Press. This is my first foray into fiction. Set in my hometown of Chicago, Code Blue is the story of how a prominent surgeon, thinking that nothing can go wrong, has his whole world crash around him. The effects on him - and those around him - will last a lifetime.

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