"Is There A Hesham Here?...Your Mom Says To Call Her"

In The Name of God: The Infinitely Merciful and Compassionate Beloved Lord

I was sixteen. I had taken my brother and my cousins (who lived two doors down the street) to the local Taco Bell for some lunch and hanging out. We were all having a great time when an employee shout out in the middle of the restaurant, in front of everybody:

Is there a Hesham here?

With an horrific dread that came over my entire soul, I said:


The employee then continued:

Your Mom says to call her.

I was speechless in horror, at first. Then, the rage of a 16-year-old adolescent took over. I could not believe that my mother would actually call the store and tell them to have me call her.

Now, you must remember, this is 1990. There were no cell phones. No smartphones. No texts. I had to physically leave the store, walk across the strip mall to the nearest pay phone, put in the 25 cents, and dial my home number. In a fit of rage, I screamed:

Why did you call me????!!!

With the calm of the desert at sunset, she replied:

You didn't make your bed.

I couldn't believe my ears.

What??? And you had to call me about this now? You made me walk out of the restaurant for this???

With the same calmness:

I don't care. You didn't make your bed. Come home now and make it.

Still incredulous, I replied:

Mama!!!! I will make it later!

Now with a threatening tone:

You WILL make your bed today.

"Okaaaaay!!!!" I said.

And we hung up. I then walked back to the store in sheer disbelief that she would do something like that. But, that was my mother. She was tough, and she had rules. And she would stop at nothing to ensure that her children would follow those rules.

But she was the best mother anyone could have ever had. I would not have been who I am and where I am today - after God, of course - without my mother. She inculcated me with the values, morals, and skills that have helped me be successful. She raised me to always have God in my sights. She raised me to worship God, and she was the first one to introduce me to my Beloved.

I am forever indebted to her, and if I give her a lifetime of service, I will not repay what she has done for me. In the Prophetic tradition, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "Paradise is underneath the foot of the Mother." Seeing what my Mom has done for me throughout my years, I know for a fact that this is true.

Lord, my Beloved, bless my Mother and shower her with Your Grace each and every day. Lord, my Beloved, make me the best son that I can be. Lord, my Beloved, let me meet my Mother in Paradise, so we can live in the Light of Your Presence for ever and ever. In Your Most Holy Name do I ask this, Amen.

Happy Mother's Day, Mama. Your son, who didn't make his bed that day, loves you very much.

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