Sharia in Houston: Muslims and a Victim of Fire

In the Name of God: The Infinitely Merciful and Compassionate Beloved Lord

There is constant talk about "Sharia Law" and whispers by Islamophobes that Muslims are trying to supplant the Constitution with "Sharia." It's laughable. But the perception persists.

"Sharia" law is the way Muslims have sought to fulfill the will of God in their lives. It's not a book of rules, although some Muslims have reduced it to such. It is - as is commonly perceived - not a book of penal codes, although penal punishment does exist, and some Muslims have reduced it to such. Most of the "Sharia," which literally means "way to a watering place," deals with personal interaction and personal moral conduct.

Enter Houston Muslims: (h/t to Omar Sacirbey)

A woman whose house was destroyed in a fire is getting some help rebuilding from the community.

Volunteers filled garbage bags with debris from Annie Brown's home on Market Street in east Houston. They say insurance denied her claim, and it would have cost $2,000 for her to clean up the mess herself.

City Councilman Jerry Davis and the Council on American Islamic Relations stepped in to help.

"She's very grateful. She started tearing up. She couldn't imagine the hospitality that volunteers, people that never met her and vice versa, that can actually come out and help her out," volunteer Ahmad Alaswad.

Brown is staying with her sister-in-law while she waits for the city to decide whether the home should be demolished.

This is Sharia in action: Muslims helping their neighbors in their time of need. Some ask the question, "What have Muslims done to contribute to America?" They have done quite a lot, actually. And stories like this from Houston abound all across our country. Just because no one pays real attention, it does not mean it does not happen.

Did you think we would be talking about stoning or cutting off hands?

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