Noble Brother Is Now In Its Second Edition!

In the Name of God: the Infinitely Merciful and Compassionate Beloved Lord

Noble Brother, the epic tale of the Prophet Muhammad told entirely in poetry, has now been re-published in its second edition by Faithful Word Press! Now published with never-before-published poems about the Prophet Muhammad, Noble Brother is even better than before. In this new edition, the book is divided into two part: his life and a new second part discussing his amazing and magnanimous character in an epic-style poem.

Read what others have said about Noble Brother:

The Noble Brother has managed to take me on a journey way back to the 7th century when Islam was being spread. The historical background about each poem gives the reader a better understanding of the selection of deep and thought provoking words used. I have read many books on the Beloved Prophet (PBUH) but none so captivating and poetic as the Noble Brother. My imagination ran wild after reading the first poem Brutality and a New Dawn....... especially the line;

" And the innocent child is suffocated with sand
Because she is who she is, insanity filled the land"

I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the people of that time and the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I applaud the author and look forward to a second part.

Ruan Vasandani

I was looking for an easy to read book to teach my children about the greatest man that ever lived and found a lot more by purchasing this. There are hundreds of books written about the Prophet but this is a one of a kind book -- telling his story through poetic verse. Since I don't always have time to go back and read big biographies, this book is a nice refresher on reminding why the Prophet Muhammed is so inspiring. The words are easy to read and come from the heart which makes it so enjoyable. This one is a keeper!

H. Macksoud

If you are looking for a new, interesting way to learn about the Prophet of Islam, click on the image and get your copy of Noble Brother today. You will not be disappointed in the least!

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