This is the Real Egypt




This is the truth of Egypt that has, unfortunately, been lost in the recent coverage of the horrific civil strife that has gripped the capital and the country in the wake of the July 3 coup. Indeed, there have been - and currently are - violent clashes between supporters of the former President Mohammed Morsi and the police and other citizens. And, regrettably, there have been attacks against Christians and Churches all across Egypt.

Yet, there have also been Muslims who have stood in front of churches to protect from from the barbarians. In fact, the second picture above shows Muslims praying their Friday prayers in front of a church in order to protect it. This is the real Egypt.

At the end of my last post, I said: "Egypt, you are better than this."

These images above show what Egypt is truly like, and the violence the world has witnessed over the last few weeks is what happens when Egyptians stop being Egyptians.

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