An End of Ramadan Prayer

In the Name of God, the Infinitely Merciful and Compassionate Beloved Lord

On the occasion of the end of Ramadan, I offer this prayer to the Beloved Lord my God:

Forgive, my Lord, forgive this wretched soul
The one, my Lord, who shuddered from fast's toll

Forgive, my Lord, forgive pathetic man
The one, my Lord, the one with trembling hand

Forgive, my Lord, forgive my silly cries
Without You, Lord, this soul will truly die

I tried, my Lord, I tried to be one strong
I frowned, my Lord, because the days were long

The thirst, my Lord, for Grace and Love is deep
The climb, my Lord, from weakness: truly steep

Today, my Lord, I drink and feast in light
I pray, my Lord, for honor in Your sight

No way, my Lord, could I be truly true
No light, my Lord, can ever shine like You

I feel, my Lord, so great in Your Sweet Love
The peace, my Lord, from You is soft as dove

The warmth, my Lord, of Your Sweet Grace is great
The sins, my Lord, I have make me ingrate

Yet You, my Lord, can only cleanse my soul
Without You, Lord, I never can be whole

So please, my Lord, away do take my sin
And please, my Lord, do always take me in

A most happy and blessed Feast Day to each and every one of you, Amen.


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