We Are All Bruins Now...But Not Today

In the Name of the Compassionate and Infinitely Merciful Beloved Lord

Indeed, after the horrific bombings in Boston, I shared the collective feelings of all Chicagoans, indeed all Americans, that we are all Boston Bruins/Red Sox/Patriots. We felt that way in solidarity with the city of Boston and her people, to let them know that - in the wake of terror - we stand with our fellow Americans in Boston. Even though the bombings were months ago, those feelings still resonate deeply with me.

But, I don't have those feelings today.

Today, I think about Boston and my stomach churns in fury; my heart beats frantic in rage; my skin quivers in disdain. Today, I think about Boston, and I "fart in [its] general direction." Today, I think about Boston and my eyes narrow in a sinister gaze of anger.

Today, we are not "all Bruins now." I even think about the word "Bruins," and I convulse in a fit of disgust. When I hear the word "Bruin," I get short of breath from deep emotional unrest.

I will continue to be this way through at least June 19.

So, I have this prayer today: Lord, give our sainted Blackhawks the strength, resolve, gut, ability, and sheer awesomeness to sweep the Bruins and bring the Cup back to our beloved Chicago.

Because, I want to go back to feeling that sense of solidarity with my fellow Americans in Boston. I want to go back and say - with all calm - "we are all Bruins now."

But, until the Hawks crush the Bruins, it will not be today.


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