On Being A Dad: One of God's Greatest Gifts

Many times, if one were to see me, I would be frowning. Many times, if one were to take a peak at my life, I would seem angry. Many times, it would seem that being a Dad annoys me to no end.

But that does not tell the whole story.

As any parent, especially a Mom, would say, it is tough raising children. They take a lot of energy, a lot of time, a lot of resources to raise into decent human beings. It would seem, to the outsider, to be a senseless proposition.

But that does not tell the whole story.

Yes, I can't always golf when I want. Yes, I can't always go out with my buddies when I want. Yes, our children wake us up very early when all we want to do is sleep.

But that does not tell the whole story, because, I would not give it up for the world.

To hold your child in your arms and get a smile and a hug gives you a feeling beyond all description. It is truly a glimpse of the soothing love of God.

Indeed there are many who desperately want children and haven't had them. I can't explain why.

And there are so many others who, horrifically, have had to endure the torture of losing a child. I can't explain that either.

All I can do is pray for both of them: that those who have no children and want them are blessed to get them; and those living with the ceaseless pain of the loss of a child are comforted from their pain.

But I must say it - on this Father's Day - that I put my hands up in eternal gratitude to my Beloved for His blessing me with being a Dad. It is one of the greatest gifts the Beloved has ever given me.

Happy Father's Day to everyone.

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