Amazing Truth: Russell Brand Defends Muslims

In the Name of the Compassionate and Infinitely Merciful Beloved Lord

It still baffles the mind and senses when I try to put my head around the barbaric attack on British solider Lee Rigby by two British men claiming to be "avenging Muslims." Apart from this their pathetic argument, it was not long before people tried to link the murder to all Muslims. In fact, both here and in Britain, Muslims were attacked in revenge of Rigby's murder.

Then comes Russell Brand, comedian and ex-husband of Katy Perry, to defend the Muslim community from collective blame:

Islam, when practised by normal people, is not an advocacy for violence.

“People all over the world are killing in the name of Islam,” someone added.

But this is the most tricky bit to understand.

What I think is that all over our country, all over our planet, there are huge numbers of people who feel alienated and sometimes victimised by the privileged and the powerful, whether that’s rich people, powerful corporations or occupying nations.

They feel their interests are not being represented and, in many cases, know their friends and families are being murdered by foreign soldiers.

I suppose people like that may look to their indigenous theology for validation and to sanctify their — to some degree understandable — feelings of rage.

Comparable, I suppose, to the way that homophobes feel a prejudicial pang in their tummies then look to the Bible to see if there is anything in there to justify it. There is — a piddling little bit in Leviticus.

The main narrative thrust of The Bible though, like most spiritual texts including the Koran is: Be nice to each other because we’re all the same.

When some football fans smash up shops and beat each other up that isn’t because of football or football clubs.

It’s because loads of white, working-class men have been culturally neglected and their powerful tribal instincts get sloshed about in riotous lager carnivals.

I love football, I love West Ham. I’ve never been involved in football violence because I don’t feel it’s my only access to social power.

Amazing truth...from Russell Brand. That's because he is rational in his analysis...unlike those who tend to link violence by any Muslim anywhere to all Muslims everywhere. Still, it was refreshing to read. Thanks, Mr. Russell. God bless.


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