Prayers For The Pendleton Family

In the Name of the Compassionate and Infinitely Merciful Precious Beloved

Most likely, I would have never known who Hadiya Pendleton was: how beautiful a soul she was; how much joy she brought her family and friends. But, most unfortunately, I do know who she was, because of the terrible circumstances of her murder. And so, I am here writing to offer my prayers for the Pendleton family for their terrible loss and tragedy.

I ask our Beloved Lord to shower her family with comfort and love; with peace and strength; with grace and perseverance through this most dark hour. I ask our Beloved Lord to make this time as easy as possible, even though this loss will sear with pain for decades to come. I ask our Beloved Lord to shed His Grace on the Pendleton Family, just as He has shed His Grace upon our family.

I know only too well how difficult this is: my wife and I lost our own child in June 2009. Only a parent who has lost a child knows how much of a horror this type of loss is. Only a parent who has been through the worst thing that could happen to a parent knows the type of biting and suffocating pain it is to watch your child die.

And so I am reaching out to the Pendleton Family, to let them know that they are in my thoughts and prayers.

Indeed, they are in the thoughts and prayers of a great many people; people who are more important and significant than me. But, I had to do my part and reach out so that, before our Beloved Lord, I at least added my voice to the chorus of comfort and love for this bereaved family. God be with this family for all time to come, for they will need a Love and Comfort that only He can provide.

And I make one last prayer: that the scourge of violence that is staining the streets of our still beautiful city be forever erased and eliminated. In Your Most Holy Name do I ask this, Beloved. Amen.

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