Your Glory Will Be Shouted

In the Name of the Compassionate and Infinitely Merciful Precious Beloved

I penned this poem in honor of the Prophet Muhammad's birthday, which was on January 24.

On This Day You Were Sent For Me
To Reflect God's Light On Our Path
On This Day, There Is Great Felicity
And Not One Jot Or Tittle Of Wrath

On This Day, My Darkness Abated
My Path Back To God Now Greatly Eased
Baffling It Is, That His Greatness Gets Debated
And His Lighted Wisdom Not Wholly Seized

Now I Can Learn How Best To Serve
My Beloved, To Whom I Give All My Love
From His Way, I Must Try Not To Swerve
For God Has Sent Him From Above

The Latest In A Most Blessed Line
You Culminate All That Is Just And Right
Your Coming Is Naught But A Clear Sign
That Our Return To The Lord Is In Plain Sight

Now Has Come The Most Praised In Glory
And We All Now Shout Out In Glee
We Can Forever Now Learn From His Story
And Get To Live A Life of Eternal Felicity

Each Day You Are In Our Minds And Hearts
That Fact Can Never Be Doubted
Yet, This Day Will Ever Stand Apart
Thus Let Your Glory, Emissary, Forever Be Shouted!

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