Sharia in Action: Sisters Stepping Up for Children

In the Name of the Compassionate and Infinitely Merciful Precious Beloved

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There has been so much hysteria, of late, around the issue of Sharia law and its supposed “threat” to the United States. Now that the general election contest is more in focus, the talk of Sharia will only intensify. Yet, as I have written previously, the “threat” of Sharia law is really nonexistent. Muslims in America are not conspiring to replace the Constitution with Sharia law.

Yet, let me show you where true Sharia law is being practiced: the campaign of “Sisters Steppin’ Up” (SSU) to build a children’s library in Palestine. SSU is made up of young Muslim women who, as their website says,

empower young girls with confidence and leadership skills by using creative ways to strengthen mind, body, and faith.  We strive to form a stronger relationship with Allah, build bonds of sisterhood, and positively impact the community.

They are currently raising funds to build a children’s library in the Palestinian territories. They plan to have a fundraiser in the Chicago area April 20. 

Here is Sharia law: young Muslim women coming together to try to help children in war-torn areas live a better life by building a library for them. No amputations; no stonings; no horrific things that some Muslims have done or currently do in the name of Sharia. These things are horrific misinterpretation of Islamic law.

These children in SSU are practicing true Sharia law, seeking to help others in need. I pray their efforts are successful.


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  • So what can be done about those who are guilty of this misinterpretation of Sharia Law?

    Why does the idea of a "reformation" of Islam, or a course correction, if you will, so abhorrent to Muslims? Christianity had its own Reformation, and without it, things would have continued to be much crueler for a much longer period of time.

    To the outsider looking it, it appears that those who are quiet are guilty and satisfied with the abuses, as so little is said publicly?

    Why no outcry over the way Coptic Christians and Jews are being treated in Egypt? I see nothing but tacit approval, from the Obama administration to the media form Islamic voices.

    To be quiet is to be commit the same sins.

  • It is so annoying that you cannot edit a post once posted....

    I meant to say to the media to Islamic voices....

    And perhaps not a reformation or a course correction, but purging of the abusers? Why doe this never happen?

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Exactly right, Mr. Davis. Of course, the suspicion is that the moderates are the ones on the outside looking in at the evils of Sharia, that it is the moderates (tiny in number that they are and nearly silent to boot) who are misinterpreting Sharia and the "radicals" that have it right. At least "right" in the way Sharia is meant to be carried out, not "right" in that it is good for humankind.

  • In reply to publiusforum:


    I find it interesting when you say that the "silence" of the moderates is somehow a tacit approval. You must realize that the crimes of the extremists are what gets reported and publicized. The reason that "All American Muslim" was cancelled by TLC was because the Muslims featured were "too normal," and thus didn't garner enough viewership. But, that is the majority - overwhelming majority - of Muslims all around the world.

    Using this same logic of "silence of the moderates means approval," does that mean that the overwhelming majority of good, decent, honest Catholic priests are somehow "complicit" in the crimes of the tiny number of pedophiles in their midst? Absolutely not.

    How about us as Chicagoans? If we don't constantly speak out against the crimes of the tiny number of criminals, are we somehow "complicit" in their crimes? Again, absolutely not.

    The majority can never - and should never - be tarred with the sins of the few.

  • In reply to Hesham Hassaballa:

    Still, I see no rebuke of what is happening in Egypt by the media, by Muslim spokesmen, and, Hesham Hassabella, by you.

    Do you think I do not know that most Muslim's quietly go about their business? It is strange to me, then, that you want to identify the hijab with a hoodie and ask for respect. This is, in my view, identifying with an alleged abused class, and, honestly, it hard to describe nearly 2 billion Muslims as an abused class...anywhere.

    So you are one voice in the wilderness. Why are there not more; that is the question. Will others lift us out of the two worlds?

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    I find it ridiculous that you think you know what Sharia Law is better than an actual practicing Muslim. Your ignorance knows no bounds, moustache man. And it's moustache, not mustache. The rest of the world > America, sorry but that's fact. I know how inconvenient they can be for you.

    And also, you and your buddy are complaining that the moderate Muslims are not speaking out or trying to change anything when THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THIS BLOGGER IS DOING HERE. Do you think about what you post before typing it? Or do you just hit keys until enough negativity has been put into your post?

  • In reply to jewilson919:

    Speaking of well as hostile.

    Have you considered anger management? Or perhaps a few moments of prayer to calm down?

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