5 reasons your heart benefits when you smile


heart shapeWhen was the last time you smiled?

Do you remember how you felt as you were smiling?

I am often struck by how many people just don't smile.  Seriousness seems to be the expression of the day.  Yes, there are world problems, yes, the political season is upon us, yes, there is much to be serious about but isn't life too short to always be serious?

The other day I realized that my morning routine was watching the news first thing in the morning and boy did it affect my mood for the rest of the day.  So this morning I swore off the morning news and guess what?  As I am writing this blog I find myself smiling.  Why?  I love writing this blog.  I feel light.  The news has not seeped into my being.

Thus, my question.  When was the last time you smiled?

I then decided to do some research and found out there are actual health benefits to smiling. From a heart health perspective there are five benefits.

1.  Smiling lowers the heart rate and reduces blood pressure.

2.  Smiling causes us to have a better mood.

3.  Smiling boosts our immune system.

4.  Smiling reduces stress.

5.  Smiling increases our longevity.

Every smile makes you a day younger. ~Chinese Proverb

Smile, your heart will thank you.

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