Transitioning to new holiday rituals

The yesteryear traditions of celebrating the holidays when our children were young are transitioning into new rituals now that our children are grown and living lives of their own.

Our children are forging with their new rituals; taking this time of year to travel or spend time with significant others and significant others family members.

Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves we, too, have the opportunity to create new rituals as well.

With technology we can connect with our loved ones; Skype, Google Hangouts, email, the old fashioned cell phone.  These tools allow for us to be present in our childrens' lives and if we are lucky to have grandchildren, our grandchildrens' lives as well.

In addition we can be open to possibilities that feed our need to celebrate the holiday season in ways we possibly could not in our earlier years.

1.  Spending time with friends; breakfast, lunch or dinner

2.  Taking in a movie with your significant other or friends and having a coffee/tea afterwards

3. Taking a staycation; exploring new venues in one own's city or neighboring towns

The possibilities are endless.

The key is understanding that traditions do change over time and they make for great memories.

Midlife is that period of time when we have the flexibility and time to create something new.

Flexibility allows us to accept that change is occurring and it is okay.

My own personal experience has taught me that the harder I held on and resisted the natural flow of change, the more miserable I became; a sense that life was passing me by caused me to take a step back and understand that although traditions were changing, I was in control and could create new traditions and celebrations this time of year.

The possibilities are endless.

Midlife is that time of life when creating something new keeps us young.

Create a new tradition this year and enjoy!
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