Self acceptance is loving oneself with no conditions


What an absolutely wonderful thing to do; love oneself with no holding back.

Do we do so with unabashed gusto or do we look for the flaws and traits and hold back?

What if we embraced our flaws and traits without judgement?

Ultimately, if we don't accept ourselves then how can we expect others to accept us?

I often wonder if we are constantly looking at others and then judging ourselves based on an inner dialog that has nothing to do with our own reality?

Recently self acceptance is something I have been pondering.

Self acceptance is an understanding of one's strengths and weaknesses.

Self acceptance is secure in the knowledge of who one is and is not influenced by what others think.

So how does one get to the point of self acceptance?

1.  Being honest with oneself; acknowledging both positive and not so positive traits and embracing them without guilt.

2.  Becoming friends with oneself; the art of self-compassion.

3.  Eliminating the inner critic; that voice that is always telling you what is wrong with you.

4.  Aspiring to be the our best version of ourselves understanding this is a process that is not always linear.  Two steps forward, one step back.  The key is to keep improving ourselves.

5.  Becoming comfortable with not needing or wanting affirmation from someone else as to who we should be.  All of us are on our own journey.  Staying true to oneself.  As Shakespeare said "To thine own self, be true".

One would think that in midlife becoming self accepting is easy...for some of us it is and for some not so much.

My pondering has led me to the belief that self acceptance for me is something I have accomplished...not an easy task and something I work on everyday.

Are you self accepting?

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