At My Best

Time of reflection when I am at my best… It is those moments when I am in the “now”.  When I am not thinking about the past, not worrying about the future.  It is when I am focused on what is happening around me in the moment. These are the times when I am at... Read more »

Spring Renewal

    The grass is green, trees are starting to bud, birds are chirping! It’s time for spring. It’s time for renewal. For many of us, midlife is our time for renewal. Exploring who we are, what we want, renewing a commitment to be our best selves or the selves we imagined we would be,... Read more »

The Art of Giving Advice to Adult Children

        Those of us who have adult children are often wanting to give advice perhaps more so when we hear our child is in some kind of pain or is experiencing a challenge.   It is as if we believe it to be our right as a parent. When is it appropriate... Read more »

Courage. Midlife. Adventure. Movement. Power.

“It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.  But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.  There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.”  Alan Cohen This quote showed... Read more »

Shrinking or Expanding?

In your midlife do you find yourself shrinking your world or expanding your world? Are you deciding that driving more than x miles away from home to attend an event you truly want to attend is no longer comfortable to do? Are you finding that your daily life is on remote control; you don’t take... Read more »

Are you happy in your midlife?

Are you happy in your midlife?  Or do you believe that midlife is truly about the “midlife” crisis? There is some interesting research on happiness that shows that those of us in midlife are pretty happy.  So that the phenomenon of midlifers being miserable may not be true after all. Here are some interesting factoids... Read more »

Midlife...time to downsize?

In midlife, is it time to let go of stuff?  Is it time to “downsize”?  In midlife, is it time to take stock, so to speak and reevaluate what we have in terms of possessions and the space in which we live? I think that in midlife it makes sense. We have become wiser; we... Read more »

Civility, where did you go?

Civility, where did you go? What happened to please, thank you, excuse me, gesundheit (G-d bless you)? Where is the common courtesy of holding the door open for the person behind us? Where is the art of having a conversation without the personal attacks? Civility, where did you go? Am I showing my midlife age... Read more »

Aging is a gift...

“Aging is a gift—a privilege best enjoyed with open arms and a grateful heart. ”  Vicki Kuyper I know…I can hear you now saying “really?”.  Yes, is my response; aging is a gift and let me make my case. The alternative is death… The alternative is always fighting the inevitable which takes up tons of... Read more »

Bucket list or Becoming list...listening to your heart's desire

How many of us have the quintessential “bucket list”? How many of us keep adding things to the “bucket list”? How many of us are actually doing the things put on the “bucket list”? What is instead of a “bucket list” we used a “becoming list”?  I recently read an article by Vicki Kuyper, author... Read more »