Behemoth's 2014 The Satanist Just Doesn't Stop

Behemoth, the Polish metal gods have been around for years and has been constantly outdoing themselves album after album.  Their newest release The Satanist proves to be no exception the rule.  I remember the first time I saw them live during their release of The Apostasy in 2007.   Having never heard of them I had no idea what I was in for.  They stormed the stage and the only thing I remember was thinking afterwards was how hadn't I heard of them before.  I immediately bought The Apostasy and Behemoth hasn't left my musical rotation since.

Behemoth: The Satanist (2014)

The Polish metal outfit have solidified a line up since around 2005 and it shows in their music how well they are now flowing as a group.  I've heard their entire discography and nothing from their older work compares to their most recent albums.  Some of their earlier attempts I could honestly do without, but from Demigod in 2004 to today's The Satanist in 2014 they have perfectly honed their unique style of death metal.  It may have taken four years but it was certainly worth the wait for Behemoth's tenth studio album The Satanist.  I've been listening to this album for nearly a month and it still hits me as hard as the first time.

In a recent interview Nergal stated his current boredom with the metal scene and metal bands.  He wants to explore the unknown and with his music and with The Satanist it shows that he certainly has been.  No song sounds too similar and they all have their own specific qualities to them.  Nergal's solos throughout the album have become much more musical than they have been in previous albums.  Same goes for drummer Inferno's work on the album.  Still blazing fast, pun intended, but it's the breaths in the drum tracks he takes really show how well this band has been working together to not just throw as many notes as possible into a song.  They are compassionate in their compositions and it's a pleasure to listen to.

The accompanying music video for the first track on the album Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel is something truly disturbing and extremely artistic at the same time.  It is exactly what a metal music video should be.  Besides the opening track other noteworthy songs include the title track The Satanist and the final track O Father, O Satan, O Sun!  Every song brings something a little different to the overall album but my favorite track by far wold have to be the third Messe Noire.  My favorite solo off the album and a showcase of Inferno's diversity on the drum kit makes it my winner easily.  Messe Noire is all over the place musically but in the most cohesive way possible.  Behemoth's The Satanist is something you just shouldn't miss in 2014, and if their music keeps getting better how it has been in these recent years, I doubt if i'll ever stop listening to the unique death metal stylings of Behemoth.

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