Phil Anselmo and the Illegals - Walk Through Exits Only

Phil Anselmo and the Illegals can be summed up in one word, angry.  Phil's new solo project is loud, fast, and unrelenting in its heavy metal delivery.  Walk Through Exits Only was released July of 2013 continuing to prove Phil as the ultimate heavy metal front man.  He brought along hand picked musicians from Warbeast and his previous project Superjoint Ritual to help actualize his first solo attempt.  Phil's face on the cover says all there is to know about this album.  Walk Through Exits only is a rare pained masterpiece with very little room to breath.  It's one dark color from start to finish.

This is an album showing exactly what happens when someone pushes themselves to create precisely what they want with their music, without outside forces destroying their vision in the process.  Many people have complaints that the album itself is too similar throughout, but I feel that is precisely what Mr. Anselmo was going for.  Walk Through Exits Only is raw, fast, angry, and done before you have time to even think.  It's definitely worth a try, especially for any Phil Anselmo fans out there.

Walk Through Exits Only (2013)

Released July 16, 2013

Check out Battalion of Zero, Walk Through Exits Only, and Bedridden.  If these tracks don't do it for you then the album just isn't for you.

The Tracks

1. Music Media is My Whore:  This track serves as a militaristic introduction with a cadence on the drums and haunting guitar squeals.

2. Battalion of Zero:  The fun just begins with this track.  It has a fast yet laid back feel continually driven by groove.  This helps to accentuate the vocal growls Phil is know so well for.

3. Betrayed:  Betrayed is one of the few slower tracks found on Walk Through Exits only, but this doesn't stop the heavy from piecing through your eardrum.

4. Usurper Bastard's Rant:  This is my personal favorite track.  The drumming is some of the best on the album and the solo is a masterpiece of their style.

5. Walk Through Exits Only:  Definitely the heaviest of the album.  This track is the perfect place to find out if you will enjoy the presence the album has to offer.

6. Bedroom Destroyer:  This is the only track I didn't enjoy off of the album.  The chorus is intentionally off beat vocally and it just drives me insane.

7. Bedridden:  This is my second favorite off the album.  It has a great grove and an aggressive chorus that just won't let up.

8. Irrelevant Walls and Computer Screens:  The perfect ending track to this album.  A real heavy hitter with an amazing solo that just doesn't end.  The track fades off into a grinding guitar and ambience to finish off the album.

Stay Metal, Brian

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