Insightful advocacy for educational and economic progress of disadvantaged groups through mentorship of Black male youth. The Mentor Initiative blog provides narrative descriptions of youth mentoring experiences, assessments of the utility of youth mentoring as a whole (natural and formal), and practical tips to get involved in youth mentoring.  The blog also discusses topics related to social inequality and professional development with the purpose of motivating readers to become agents of progress. In other words, readers should use the material in this blog to improve their lives by helping others. Informed by the research and experiences of 6-year youth mentoring practitioner and professor, Dr. Kevin Pinkston, the Mentor Initiative blog will allow for a unique, comprehensive assessment of youth mentoring practices. The Mentor initiative blog is named after the Mentor Initiative Club, founded by Dr. Pinkston with the purposes of providing social, intellectual, and professional support for adult Black males dedicated to developing successful mentoring relationships with Black male youth.