Be the Solution to the Problem of Black Inequality

Impactful events such as the tragic murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri consistently ignite emotionally charged discussions of racism and inequality in America. Common arguments for the causes of these tragedies point to racism and cultural issues within the Black community such as Black on Black crime and low cooperation within the Black community.... Read more »

How NOT to End Mentoring Relationships

If you recall from my last post, Morris and I built up quite the strong relationship through consistent shared activities and relationship building conversations. From 14-17 years of age Morris grew up in front of my eyes, and I began to see the fruits of our relationship. He was trying harder in school, he became... Read more »

Building Meaningful Mentoring Relationships

The start of a new mentoring relationship is similar to that of a dating relationship; there is a long, anxiety-ridden process of getting to know the other person. The most crucial aspect of a successful mentoring relationship is establishing trust and rapport between the mentor and the youth. I personally learned this in my first... Read more »
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The 3 Most Common Obstacles to Becoming a Mentor

How do you stop the gun violence in Chicago? A problem stated in this manner appears daunting and unsolvable. How can I provide Jonathan, a local gang member, with a positive role model? When strategically broken down the issue becomes far more manageable. A feeling of hopelessness is a common obstacle that prevents talented adults... Read more »