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Alex & Rocko

Taking a look back at the very first post on this site, I was privileged enough to have run into Alex and Rocko. The DJ duo friends go by A&R. They recently did a promotional photo shoot with one of my very talented stylist friends Justin White (please take a look at his blog has his... Read more »

The Smell of Luxury

Image from Wonderwood On June 24th a new fragrance by COMME des GARCONS will be introduced by the name of Wonderwood. I am ECSTATIC (even if it’s only being released in London)! I am very picky about my personal scents when I find one I am obsessed with it. So far the only ones I... Read more »

Backstage Romance

Have to love a lookbook fashion film. a powerfully dramatic 3-D lookbook. hope you enjoy.  Thanks Nikki  David Andersen Fall Winter 2010 Video by Boukje Kleinhout Model Sylvester Ulv

The Weather is Sweet, Yeah?

Today the sun is out! The weather of shorts is upon us, what will kind of shorts will you be buying? There’s something for everyone. Is it is casual, denim, smart or swim? So, I searched so a little something for everyone. I visited my favorite online stores and picked out the shorts I’d like... Read more »


Walking to my friends place and ran into him. He was basically wearing my everyday uniform. I love a good rocker look. 

Chicago's very own designer duo

If you have every checked out my old blog ClientsBragg, you would easily see how obsessed with foreign designers I am. I love the idea of having clothing that has foreign aesthetic. Don’t get me wrong, I love american designers as well but most of the time when it comes from another part of the... Read more »

Pattern clashing that might be alright

Now, I can’t think of many fashion icons who would never be caught dead wearing two different patterns. I know I wouldn’t dear been seen in such a state. In fact, if you ask anyone who knows me I am not the biggest fan of wearing patterns at all. But, like all artist I can... Read more »

Jimmy Choo for H&M

All to often the male shopper is forgotten when high street and designers do a collaboration. This is the beginning of a whole new direction for collaborative projects.  The brand is known throughout the fashionable females as a great brand for shoes and handbags. Finally a guest designer kept men in mind as well and... Read more »

The Leaders 1354 boutique in Chicago

Strolled on into Leaders 1354 on 1400 N. Milwaukee and I have to say it just oozes the vibe of cool. From the moment you walk into this boutique you can just tell that it was made for Chicago’s coolest. Their selection was phenomenal they carried many Chicago based designers as well as some brands that you... Read more »

Conference of Birds will add an edginess to your look

Majority of the guys I know are all looking for something to make them look more edgy. Edgy meaning they are trying to have a bold or unconventional twist on their everyday appearance. For any guy who wants to start moving his closet into an edgier direction Conference of Birds is the perfect stepping stone... Read more »