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What's In for Spring?

If you follow my twitter account (@BraggStyle) you’ve already seen the list of trends to shop for this spring and summer. To all of you who don’t follow me, shame on you. If you have seen the shows for this coming season you will have noticed these as well.  1. Stripes; Prada & Jil Sander... Read more »

Show Talk Givenchy

The shows in Paris are by far some of my favorites. The sense of avant-garde being everyday wear is what really sells it for me. Givenchy is no exception, spinal column necklaces, bug-ish leather masks, and more leopard print that I ever thought I could be okay with. Riccardo Tisci (creative director of Givenchy) has... Read more »

Imitation of Brands Zara Men as Balmain Homme

Zara has been known for it’s affordable designer imitations since the brand started. It’s no surprise that Zara Fall Winter 2010 look-book is immensely influenced by Bailman Homme. It was a bold move on Zara’s part to be so heavily inspired by a fashion house with a strong suit in menswear. As much as I... Read more »

It is Time for Velvet

Tom Ford Velvet Bow-Tie My dear friend’s grandfather told me to invest in some velvet. It is by no means a upcoming trend. Velvet has been the choice of so many fashion forward gentlemen for some time now. From Bollywood to New York to L.A. so many have donned the sexualized suit and wore it... Read more »

Show Talk Louis Vuitton

A big part of how designers pick what is going to be in their upcoming show is something called fashion forecasting. This is not just some random guessing game for someone because of the copious money at stake. It takes experienced fashion analysts reviewing past buying patterns to understand signs of the current markets demands.... Read more »

Show Talk Costume National

Ennio Capasa, the creative director of Costume National, is exploring a new approach to tailoring. Laser cut fabrics that remain seamless in neutral colors make for a modern look. Semi-relaxed slim suits meet silks, linens and wools essential for spring/summer.  Photos via

Show Talk Salvatore Ferragamo

Clean and simple is never a wrong choice. My love of the French and the 20s style comes out in the comfortable feel of Salvatore Ferragamo’s Spring Summer collection. It has such a strong resort feel that I can’t help but thing it’s time for a vacation.  Photos via

Show Talk Prada

Another season of Prada pushing proportion to new standards. Miuccian Prada takes long shapes and softer colors to help lead us into the future.  Photos Via

Show Talk Roberto Cavalli

If you can recall have been on a quest to find some way to work more color into my wardrobe. When I finished watching Roberto Cavalli’s Spring Summer 2011 collection I knew exactly where all my money would be going. The combination of rocker and spanish/ indian influence really make for a unique combination. Bright... Read more »

Show Talk Calvin Klein

Minimalism, suiting, and midriffs are the first words I think of when I think of Calvin Klein’s Spring Summer 2011 Collection. Branching away from the boat shoes and cuffed pants. Klein’s (designer Italo Zucchelli) takes minimalism forward for suits and sneakers, button up shirts made of fabrics that don’t require ties and midriff barring tops.... Read more »