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POW POW! Marc Jacobs' BANG!

The new men’s fragrance campaign for Marc Jacobs is possibly the most hyped cologne in a while. From hundreds of blog posts to his entire stores covered in Bang wear and over sized bottle replicas. I have never been a lover of pepper smells so I was not too into it. Of corse, some people... Read more »

The Rachel Zoe Project; Tay-tay's Bye Bye

I’ll admit it I am a MAJOR Zoe head. Rachel, Brad and Rodger! Rach’s crazy antics, Brad’s rambunctious ways, and Rodger’s voice of reason. I was upset to learn last year that Taylor (Tay-tay) would not be a part of season three. She was the spunky business women who seemed to keep the team on... Read more »

Show Talk Louis Vuitton

A big part of how designers pick what is going to be in their upcoming show is something called fashion forecasting. This is not just some random guessing game for someone because of the copious money at stake. It takes experienced fashion analysts reviewing past buying patterns to understand signs of the current markets demands.... Read more »