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Show Talk Rad Hourani

Say hello to Mr. Hourani’s 6th collection. Keeping his “color” scheme of black and white unisex pieces. Even though most designers claim versatility Rad really backs it up. This collection is 3 jackets, a pair of pants, and a single top. Color you surprised? I think so. Want to check out his incredible work? Stop... Read more »

The Rachel Zoe Project; Tay-tay's Bye Bye

I’ll admit it I am a MAJOR Zoe head. Rachel, Brad and Rodger! Rach’s crazy antics, Brad’s rambunctious ways, and Rodger’s voice of reason. I was upset to learn last year that Taylor (Tay-tay) would not be a part of season three. She was the spunky business women who seemed to keep the team on... Read more »

Show Talk Louis Vuitton

A big part of how designers pick what is going to be in their upcoming show is something called fashion forecasting. This is not just some random guessing game for someone because of the copious money at stake. It takes experienced fashion analysts reviewing past buying patterns to understand signs of the current markets demands.... Read more »

Alex & Rocko

Taking a look back at the very first post on this site, I was privileged enough to have run into Alex and Rocko. The DJ duo friends go by A&R. They recently did a promotional photo shoot with one of my very talented stylist friends Justin White (please take a look at his blog has his... Read more »

Show Talk Costume National

Ennio Capasa, the creative director of Costume National, is exploring a new approach to tailoring. Laser cut fabrics that remain seamless in neutral colors make for a modern look. Semi-relaxed slim suits meet silks, linens and wools essential for spring/summer.  Photos via

Show Talk Calvin Klein

Minimalism, suiting, and midriffs are the first words I think of when I think of Calvin Klein’s Spring Summer 2011 Collection. Branching away from the boat shoes and cuffed pants. Klein’s (designer Italo Zucchelli) takes minimalism forward for suits and sneakers, button up shirts made of fabrics that don’t require ties and midriff barring tops.... Read more »

Jil Sander Fashion Show

Tomorrow at 9:15pm watch the Jil Sander stream of the new men’s collection. 

Topman AAA

All my friends and the fans on my facebook fan page can tell you I am super obsessed with the new AAA collection for Topman. The style of AAA brings the DNA of a musician in the form of glittered lapels and lamb leather jackets. The rock star in the shape of a collection that... Read more »

Zara June Lookbook

All Zara shoppers rejoice another installation of the Zara’s mens lookbook is up! The new looks embraces moments of sophistication and leisure, suiting and daywear moving the focus from denim casual to clean relaxed proportions.   

Holly Price-Point Batman!

Colette has teamed up with Warner Brothers and Balmain to celebrate the 75th anniversary of DC Comics, creating an extremely limited edition Batman t-shirt. The $500 cotton tee can be picked up here.