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Chicago's Creative Collective.

CREATIVE LOUNGE CHICAGO INSPIRED BY TOYOTA CELEBRATING 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY   CHICAGO–The creative lounge CHICAGO inspired by TOYOTA in conjunction with 7thMarket Agency will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the creative lounge CHICAGO with an invite only fashion presentation and exclusive pop-up shop.   The four day long celebratory event will take place Thursday,... Read more »

Chicago's Exclusive

Solemates is a Chicago based shop that was established in 2006 by Brian and Autumn Merritt. Catering to the Chicagoan with a Brooklyn favor and carrying the best style combination of new and vintage products. This boutique’s flair for captivating the buyers in every way is clear to see with it’s under-construction-but come-on-in look.No one... Read more »

Chicago's very own designer duo

If you have every checked out my old blog ClientsBragg, you would easily see how obsessed with foreign designers I am. I love the idea of having clothing that has foreign aesthetic. Don’t get me wrong, I love american designers as well but most of the time when it comes from another part of the... Read more »