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The Perfect Spring/ Summer Shoe?

I posted a bit ago a link to where you can ask me anything. A very common question has come up and I have yet to answer it. Basically it’s about Spring/ Summer men’s shoes. I decided to write it on here for everyone to see.  That being said, here we go. I was going to... Read more »

10 things to buy that fashionable guy

With the holidays coming up and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to get someone. So I thought I would offer my help. Guys can be the hardest people to buy for, especially fashionable ones. So I came up with some possible ideas for you to get that fashion forward guy you know. I... Read more »

Jimmy Choo for H&M

All to often the male shopper is forgotten when high street and designers do a collaboration. This is the beginning of a whole new direction for collaborative projects.  The brand is known throughout the fashionable females as a great brand for shoes and handbags. Finally a guest designer kept men in mind as well and... Read more »