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Ever since I saw Sonny Groo ,one of my stylecons (style icons) from MykroMag wearing this Hugo boss sweater I have been obsessed with it. I saw an ad saying it was online. But it isn’t! Sonny Groo and JeanPaul Paula Talking on a train I NEED IT!! I can’t find it anywhere online though.... Read more »

Lady Gaga Messed Up!

I realize I am a “men’s fashion blogger” but I am not only always scouting the latest menswear. I also keep my eyes out for womenswear as well as celebrities style. So when this picture of Lady Gaga came up in my feed I vomited. If you are wondering why, it’s not because of the... Read more »


Walking to my friends place and ran into him. He was basically wearing my everyday uniform. I love a good rocker look. 

So I'm on a mad fashion high right now.

I just got home from a photo shoot I modeled  styled for. So basically My friends group does photo shoots every so often and whenever I am around I am the “Creative Director and Stylist” for the group, though I’ve only done a few things with them. Everything always turns out great. So this time we didn’t... Read more »