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Are you a stylish Chicagoan?

Being that this blog is meant to inspire the men of Chicago to dress better. I have decided to finally begin interviewing men throughout the city who are an exemplar to this blogs ideals. Additionally, I will also be profiling some boutiques around that cater to the well dressed male. If you, someone you know,... Read more »

Burberry was great and the show at Heaven was interesting...

So like I had planned I went to the fashion show at Heaven in Wicker Park. The show is not worth mentioning. Luckily, Daniel  Tucker Nelson (part of the design duo of Saddle Tramps) was there and looked amazing as usual. My friend Alex took a photo of us for me. Daniel wore a Slow... Read more »

Male style Icons of 2009

As much as we enjoy a fashion disaster by a celebrity like Russlle Brands disgustingly feminine legging thing he’s been trying to pull off… Thankfully, most celebrities have great stylist who dress them immaculately. So, take a look at the most stylish men of 09.  Weird and fun stuff from all over: