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by Tommy Ton

Can you tell I’m ready for colors picked this up from Streetfsn

Staying Ahead of The Pact

One of my favorite blogs is My MANy Bags because we both share a love for the aesthetic of style, androgyny, bags and luxury. I was more than ecstatic when I realized we also share a love for the man clutch (or portfolio). I did a post about the man clutch around 2 years ago on... Read more »

Museum Works Gallery Opening

A Clinical Look

Walking around on a sunny day filled with people, who all looked so boring I almost gave up on trying to find someone to take a picture of, I ran into Jon. His Bright white vest, light grey shirt, and Light washed jeans really made him stand out. It was a clean look that reminded... Read more »


Walking to my friends place and ran into him. He was basically wearing my everyday uniform. I love a good rocker look. 

Chicago's Exclusive

Solemates is a Chicago based shop that was established in 2006 by Brian and Autumn Merritt. Catering to the Chicagoan with a Brooklyn favor and carrying the best style combination of new and vintage products. This boutique’s flair for captivating the buyers in every way is clear to see with it’s under-construction-but come-on-in look.No one... Read more »

Boutiques are a wonderful place to get inspiration

Some of the best places to find well dressed people are to go to boutiques. They house unique clothing and employee the best dressed in the city. Not the boring, averagely dressed trend followers like most stores. When I stepped into Casa De Soul I was immediately impressed, the staff was amazingly dressed and Kennedy... Read more »

Something old, Something New, Something Contemporary, Something Chic on all the Dudes.

I was privileged enough to be invited to First Friday at the MCA. I caught quite a few well dressed man there who’s names I forgot to ask (so sorry men) but here they are. The men wore the various happy hour attrie from simple, casual wear to the suit. Many of the men came dressed to impress... Read more »

Burberry was great and the show at Heaven was interesting...

So like I had planned I went to the fashion show at Heaven in Wicker Park. The show is not worth mentioning. Luckily, Daniel  Tucker Nelson (part of the design duo of Saddle Tramps) was there and looked amazing as usual. My friend Alex took a photo of us for me. Daniel wore a Slow... Read more »