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Shop for Japan

Today until 11:59 pm Will donate 100% of every dollar towards the relief fund for Japan.

Star Wars Collectables

Wednesday March 9, 2011 at 12pm ET throughSaturday, March 12, 2011 at noon, Gilt CHILDREN ( invites members to a curated selection of 30 hard-to-find vintage collectibles. This collection of 30 hard to find Star Warspieces is a treasure trove of vintage goodness.  All items were rated by the Action Figure Authority (AFA), so rest assured that everything is... Read more »

Unisex Sells

In 2007 Chicago was blessed with the presence of two ghosts in the form of a boutique, Bonnie and Clyde. The boutique not only graced the Wicker Park area with elevated style. Bringing iconic designers like Rick Owens and Vivienne Westwood into the hands of the fashion cult. They also have not only the most... Read more »

Staying Ahead of The Pact

One of my favorite blogs is My MANy Bags because we both share a love for the aesthetic of style, androgyny, bags and luxury. I was more than ecstatic when I realized we also share a love for the man clutch (or portfolio). I did a post about the man clutch around 2 years ago on... Read more »

What's In for Spring?

If you follow my twitter account (@BraggStyle) you’ve already seen the list of trends to shop for this spring and summer. To all of you who don’t follow me, shame on you. If you have seen the shows for this coming season you will have noticed these as well.  1. Stripes; Prada & Jil Sander... Read more »

6 Days Left

We can always use some help shopping during the holidays. So for the next 6 days I will be posting some ideas for your guy mainly based around different area’s in Chicago. Today, let’s start with my favorite the Wicker area. 1st some candles from Anthropologie. Why? Because they actually look really cool! they are shirt collars and... Read more »

The Man Bag

Jak & Jil went up the hill to fetch some matching outfits. They both thought “great, these are less lame.” And walk down with some fashion. Bags have evolved from being the women’s only carry all to a unisex piece EVERYONE can use. With days filled to the brim with business meetings, lunches and social events we... Read more »

Gilt Men and Braggadocio Agree

All men could use a little more velvet. Check it out. Can’t say I don’t know what’s up. 

A Few Favorite Things

I actually did the quickest post for this store on my old blog. here. The first second in the store my eyes widened and I lost my breath. A little peak of NYC right here in Wicker, color me sold. If you haven’t clicked on the link yet, shame on you. I’m talking about Bonnie... Read more »

Gilt City Contest!

The Gilt group was kind enough to invite some of Chicago’s bloggers out to breakfast to talk more about the launch of Gilt City Chicago. Gilt City offers savings to hotspots around the city.  So for the special occasion I decided to have a contest. I am offering a lucky reader a $50 gift card... Read more »