About MSF

Men's Street Fashion (MSF) is about recognizing the men of the cities great sense of style. The author William Braggadocio is a dedicated men's wear enthusiast. His desire to share the knowledge about men's wear came in the form of ClientsBragg.
ClientsBragg is a showcase of upcoming trends in mens fashion. This blog was created after he visited many fashion blogs and realized none of them were really for men. His mind set on education the neglected he searched the web for designers new and old who made impeccable mens wear worth sharing with his audience.
After visiting an event held by Chicago Now his idea was picked up. 
Took a photo and want to see it up, Know a clothing brand and think it should be shared, have an event and know there will be well dressed guys or just have a question? 
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Email: BraggStyle@yahoo.com
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A lot of the images I use are not mine. I get a lot from Style.com