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In 2007 Chicago was blessed with the presence of two ghosts in the form of a boutique, Bonnie and Clyde. The boutique not only graced the Wicker Park area with elevated style. Bringing iconic designers like Rick Owens and Vivienne Westwood into the hands of the fashion cult. They also have not only the most passionate team, who love the designers but also know enough about each of them to blow your mind. They also have the lead buyer for Bonnie and Clyde in the store more often than not (that is when he isn't at fashion shows) gives you a rare chance to look into the fabricated future of the store. 
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My personal favorite aspect about the store is that it has been revamped into a unisex store. Which shouldn't scare you off. That just means they have pieces of clothing that can be worn by anyone. like shirts, jackets, vest and sweaters. As well as jeans that come in a variety of sizing options. The store space is infatuating by it's self. With detailing from wall to wall that screams luxury. You could enter the store just to look at the set up alone.
Take a stroll in sometime. Their address is 1751 W Division St. Go on and quench your curiosities thrust. Don't be afraid to try stuff on while you are there. Tell them I sent you in.
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Images 1 and 3 from B&C's blog and 2 taken by Kaleb Yetter

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