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One of my favorite blogs is My MANy Bags because we both share a love for the aesthetic of style, androgyny, bags and luxury.

I was more than ecstatic when I realized we also share a love for the man clutch (or portfolio). I did a post about the man clutch around 2 years ago on my old blog and I still really like the look. Why not do it again? 
I am a guy who likes bags for different reasons. I believe you should never carry your wallet in your back pocket. Unless it's a faded distressed look you're going for. The fiction and pressure put on the pocket when sat on eventually destroys the material and that's never fun to deal with. The Denim Doctors can only do so much. Neither should you put your phone in your front pocket.
Unexpected things come up all the time and a good businessman is always prepared. Business cards for new clients, something to write down ideas, Pen, Pencil, maybe a snack (hahaha?), your Blackberry Playbook (cannot wait for the release!), iPad or another tablet or laptop, chap-stick, gum, lighter (even if you don't smoke. I have met some very interesting people by carrying a lighter and not being a smoker), wallet, cellphone, (an organizer if you don't use your phone), keys and digital camera. Which is far too much for someone to carry just on his person alone. Of course, you could always carry a briefcase but they are so boxy and boring. I know when I carried one it always hit me in the leg, not fun.
The look isn't for every man a lot of men don't have the confidence to carry a clutch. The secrete is to get something masculine. The simple envelope shape is the common pick among the fashion blogging men I know as well as the New York business men caught on street style blogs.    
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  • William, thanks for the article. I love bags myself and it really adds something with a great suit. I like how you are trying to bring a taste of NY here... my fiancee lived in NY and craves a NY feel.

    If you have a minute, I just wrote a piece on my blog around Mens fashiona nd would love your feed back.


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