6 Days Left

We can always use some help shopping during the holidays. So for the next 6 days I will be posting some ideas for your guy mainly based around different area's in Chicago.

Today, let's start with my favorite the Wicker area. 1st some candles from Anthropologie. Why? Because they actually look really cool! they are shirt collars and fun little decorative pieces to add around the apartment or house. The MCMC fragrance team came up with a beard oil. Dude No. 1 is a combination of earthy tones that is something I am really obsessed with. The scent of the earth in the city is always a pleasant and everyone loves an amazing smelling person. Another amazing piece a black ceramic watch, I have recently become obsessed with ceramic pieces because of the clean powerful look of them. Honestly, a watch is an amazing gift idea. What about a bottle opener? We Chicagoans love to drink. Not just a bottle opener but a decorative one. The deer antler opener is a personal favorite but There's so many other great ones you can find. Jack & Jones plaid shirts are super popular around here, can't have too many. Also popular is biking. What goes well with biking? listening to music, so headphones. Eskuche 33 1/3 retro Headphones specifically. Also, OBSESSED with this bag. Someone should get it for me 
Happy Holiday Shopping
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