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The shows in Paris are by far some of my favorites. The sense of avant-garde being everyday wear is what really sells it for me. Givenchy is no exception, spinal column necklaces, bug-ish leather masks, and more leopard print that I ever thought I could be okay with. Riccardo Tisci (creative director of Givenchy) has this abruptly apparent fascination with darker things, Darth Vader would be proud. In the few years that he has been working for the brand he has really brought a sense of a unique luxury. Not only does he uphold an elegance that men are comfortable with but he also asks you to push your wardrobe to another level. Sporting skorts and jumpsuits that look like a two piece suit it's hard not to find yourself fascinated with the little details of this collection. 
Something I always encourage shoppers to do is think about what pieces are unique to you. Do you already have 5 shirts that look like this one? Then you don't need a 6th. I am a sucker for detailing. Little things make clothing look more expensive and more luxurious. Mr. Tisci and I share a very similar ascetic taste, the truth is in the details. 
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