Bragg's Back Baby!

After being out of commission for what seemed like forever. Your boy is back! 

So let's get down to the nitty gritty!
The Carson Pirie Scott and Calvin Klein pop up shop not only brought our city pieces directly from editorial but also the sense of luxury Chicago's fashion forward crave. The strong, sexy, minimal, refinery of the collection strongly influenced the beauty of the shop as well. A combination of a gallery, loft, and a runway living in perfect harmony in the same space. When I sat down and talked with Kevin Carrigan (Global Creative Director of CK) in between talking about the military influence of the pieces, the love of leather, and the intellect of knowing the brands you shop at he mentioned something even more interesting the love of architecture in Chicago. Imagine the power of the pieces with the city itself playing off of one another like a painting in motion. Every step a stroke of color playing around the never ending skyscrapers. Explosions of fashion in the street. A perfect play of style and the city. 
Think about it,
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